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Sonarpur pragatir pathe

Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) :

Introduction :

The programme is in the process of establishing a nation-wide network of quality assured sputum culture and drug susceptibility testing (C&DST) laboratories for the diagnosis and follow-up of drug resistant TB (DR-TB) patients and XDR patients. To supplement the planned sputum culture and DST laboratories in the public sector, this partnership option will help to involve established and well-functioning mycobacteriology laboratories in the non-governmental / private / corporate sector in assisting RNTCP’s sputum/specimen mycobacterial C&DST activities. Urban slum-dwellers require intensive focus and support from the tuberculosis programme, as these populations often are not able to access timely diagnosis or complete the full duration of anti TB treatment, and hence are at risk of unfavourable treatment outcomes including deaths, defaults, failures and drug resistance.


Role of NGO:

  • Tracing of TB-HIV patients
  • Counseling of TB-HIV patients on the importance of ART and free availability of evaluation for ART and treatment.
  • Mobilizing the TB-HIV patients to ART centers and henceforth regularly maintain routine visits to the centre.
  • Attend the District Meeting on TB –HIV collaboration for effective coordination
  • Maintain records of these patients




1.To review the TB Control strategies  and share information and learn from experiments and                                                                                   experiences on public private partnership for  TB control in the region.

2.To discuss adaption to local contexts of successful strategies used in pilot public private partnership projects

3.To recommend strategies to promote implementation-expansion replication of success public private partnership

4.To develop monitoring system for public private partnership projects

Project Area:








Cooch Behar








Purba Medinipur

Ramnagar-I & II


Contai Municipality








Jhargram –Mohanpur




South 24 Parganas

Jirangacha TU

Nalmuri TU

5. Darjeeling Phansidewa BPHC
Kharibari RH
Naxalbari RH
Siliguri Municipality-I
Siliguri Municipality-II
6. Purulia Arsha BPHC


Health Programme

One of the most incredible projects in our organization is Mothers’ Waiting Hut at Pather Pratima Block of Diamond Harbour Health District (Sundarban ), Ramparachenchra PHC under Tapan Block in the district of Dakshin Dinajpur,Madhabnagar II Block of Murshidabad District, Tufanganj Block of Coochbehar District, Kalchini block of Alipurduar District. Here our organization keeps all pregnant mothers before 10 to 15 days of delivery date. We take utmost care for these mothers by way of regular free health check-ups, supply of food, entertainment etc. for their risk-free delivery.

Some of health related programmes organized by SPP in the remote block of Sundarban like Sandeshkhali, Hasnabad, Hingalganj of North 24 Parganas and Pathar Protime, Nmkhana, Sagar, Basanti of South 24 Parganas.


  • Free Medical Camp,
  • Special Medical Camp
  • Health Awareness Camp 
  • Radiology service, Pathology service and supply of free medicines
  • Blood donation Camp

?Also organized Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in 7 Districts like Coochbehar, Alipurduar, Darjeeling, Jhargram, Purulia, Purba Midnapore and South 24 Parganas (Sundarban).


Visit from unicef delhi  at Mother Waiting Hut’  underPATHAR PRATIMA BLOCK

Visit from dept.of h & fw govt.wb at Mother Waiting Hut’  underPATHAR PRATIMA BLOCK

Special medical program at Arsha Block Purulia District

Awareness Camp for pregnant woman


Visit CMOH at Mother Waiting Hut Dakshin Dinajpur District

Special medical program at sunderban

AcOMP OF Eye testing & distribution of spectacal free of cost.DAUDPUR, North 24 Parganas district
Awareness camp for National Tuberculosis elimination program

Mothers Check up Camp



Sonarpur pragatir pathe

Sanitation program

  • Organized successfully Sanitation Programme (Construction Low Cost latrine of IHHL LOB under Swachh Bharat Mission) at remote block of  Uluberia - II District,


Sonarpur pragatir pathe


Organized educational programme i.e. distributing book to the poor and needy students at Sandeshkhali-II block of Sundarban Areas.


Sonarpur pragatir pathe

Skill Development Programme

  • Organised training programme on Bee Hiving  at Hingalganj block of Sundarban areas
  • Also organised Two Wheeler Repairing


Sonarpur pragatir pathe

Agriculture and Allied Programme

Our organization has been supplied of  chicks and  fish prawn to SC ST women community in block Sandeshkhali-II of Sundarban area. and Community Infrastructural Development Works Purulia District, Quest for Value Education Sonarpur Office


Sonarpur pragatir pathe

Education Project & Nutrition

Organized Health,Education Project and Nutrition at Kalighat. We provide free nutritional foods,Education and health check up to the sex workers of the Kalighat area, funding given by Krishnaa Foundation.


Sonarpur pragatir pathe


We have successfully organized blood donation camp to provide safe and quality blood to the recipient, Distribution of Spectacle free of cost needy people of Dakshin Dinajpur


Cleaning and upkeep of drainage system at Rajpur Sonarpur municipality, Ward No. 12 and its adjoining area including ONGC.(Part of Swachh Bharat Mission)

Our organization has been organized Cleaning and upkeep of drainage system at Rajput Sonarpur municipality, Ward No. 12 and its adjoining area including ONGC.(Part of  Swachchha Bharat Mission). During rainy season  the drainage system at 12 no. ward and its adjoining ONGC area under Rajpur Sonarpur Municipal and its surroundings gets clogged with stagnant water. Open drains are clogged with sediment and accumulated solid particles like plastics, debris etc. Unauthorized discharge of domestic waste water into the system  leads to surface water pollution and spreading of pathogens.  A large number of people wade through the knee deep and waist deep logged water and visit nearby hospitals, schools, colleges and offices and face health hazards. So the Cleaning and upkeep of drainage system at Rajput Sonarpur municipality, Ward No. 12 and its adjoining area including ONGC is very much essential


Sonarpur pragatir pathe

Our Other Activities

Organized Relief Camp in the situation of  “COVID-19”(CORONA) at Pathar Pratima, Namkhana, Sagar, Gosaba  of South 24 Parganas districts,  Sandeshkhali- II,  Hingolganj of North 24 Parganas in  Sundarban area and remote block of Bagmundi, Arsha, Balramppur, Manbazar, Ragunathpur of  Purulia district.



Sonarpur pragatir pathe

Also organized Relief Camp in the situation of  Super Cyclone Bulbul & Amphan at remote Block of Pathar Pratima, Namkhana, Sagar, Gosaba, Mathurapur-II in South 24 PGS and Sandeshkhali-I & II, Hingolganj in North 24 PGS) District under Sundarban area of West Bengal


Education Coaching, Kalighat among the Childen of Sexual Workers Football Coachin Camp at Namkhana Block-1 Plantation Program at Sundarban Area