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SONARPUR PRAGATIR PATHE (SPP) ESTABLISHED IN 2015 is a  Non- Govt. volunteer organization has been working in most of the districts of West Bengal to uplift the downtrodden people especially the women and disadvantaged section those who are living in the society and also acting as a mobilize of local agencies at the rural and slum areas to initiate of social change for socio-economic transformation of the rural and poor community in the society and women in particular is is situated at Sonarpur Nowapara, Nerar Bichitgra Pathagar, PO: Sonarpur, Kolkata 150. Its operation areas are all over West Bengal. Its work is funded by private donations and public grants.  SPP has been striding on health care for rural community, poverty alleviation through formation of Self Help Groups  and their Training on Income Generation Activities.
SPP is not only a NGO for implementing the programme, but also spreading the ideals of Swami Vivekananda. As a NGO, it has initiated a number of development programmes within a short period of time to stand by the poor and downtrodden rural people to help them faith in themselves, manifest and develop their leadership potentials, thus have developing confidence to make the communities self-reliant.  

List of Honorary

1.Dr.Pankaj Kr. Mondal M.S.W.Social Work.
   Ex.Prefacer Ramkrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir 
2.Jaydip Bose Chartered Accountant

Members of the Managing Committee (2018-19)


Name Address & Cont. No. Occupation Qualification Description
1. Sudhanya Halder
Vill: Nimpith, PO: Nimpith Ashrem, PSS- Joynagar,24 Prg (S)
Mb: 9775495663
Social Worker B.Com(H) President
2. Sanchita Mondal
Bidhu Bhusan Mondal Vill+PO: Sukdoani, PS: Sandeshkhali, 
24 Pgs(N)
Social Worker M.A. Vice-President
3. Rabindranath Mondal
Vill+PO: Sukdoani, PS: Sandeshkhali, 
24 Pgs(S)
Mb: 9836528027
Social Woeker B.A. Secretary
4. Mrinal Kanti Mondal
Vill+PO: Bhandarkhali, PS: Hasnabad, Dist: 
24 Pgs(N)
Teacher B.A. Treasurer
5. Dhananjoy Singh Sardar
Vill: PO: Aharra, PS: Arsha, Purulia
Mb: 9933331056
Social Worker H.S
6. Pradip Das
Vill+PO: Sandeshkhali, 24 Pgs(S)
Service B.A. Member
7. Pali Mondal

Sonarpur, Nowapara, Kolkata- 700150

Mb: 9836950822
Teacher B.A. Member