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Our Objectives..

To strengthen the community delivery system of remote areas

1. To provide home education and  health facilities to destitute needy,un-privileged and or phone children without discrimination of role ,caste creeds and arrange short stay Home 

2. Services of Social Welfare to the members of the Society and general public at large.

3. To provide and make the rural people aware on the importance of Reproductive, curative & diagnostic service 

4. To encourage /promote all school going enrolled children and target community children to continue their education up to minimum XII standard.

5. To improve the nutritional and health status of rural community.

6. To promote peoples’ participation in the process of planning & implementation of various development programmes.

7. To organize the various skill development training for self reliance and self help of disadvantage section.

8.To Establish and maintain Computer Education Centre

9. Care and rehabilitation of men and women in difficult Circumstances.

10. To help the Handicapped for their rehabilitative services.

11. Social welfare and Rural Development, Sanitation, health, Road repairs Including schemes for child, women persons with disabilities, from SCs/STS/OBCS and other poor and backward communities with government of India or Foreign Agencies.

12. Against women and child trafficking and child marriage.

13. Promote and encourage literacy, Cultural, Scientific and Technical education. 

14. To arrange and organise Various cultural events production and festivals etc.


To Help The Underprivileged-- Please Raise Your Hand

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