Sonarpur PrOgatir Pathe

Sonarpur PragatirPathe (SPP) is a Registered Society under Society’s Registration Act, 2015-16, working for poor and distress people in most of the inaccessible areas in West Bengal since 2014. In order to improve, develop and sustain the overall community health in Sonarpur-Rajpur Municipal area and its adjoining places including ward no. 12, During rainy seasons the drainage system at 12 no. ward and its adjoining ONGC area under Rajpur Sonarpur Municipal and its surrounding gets clogged with stagnant water. Open Drains are clogged with sediment, and accumulated solid particles including solid waste like plastics, debris etc. A large number of people wade through the knee-deep and waist-deep logged water and visit nearby by hospitals, schools, colleges and offices and face health hazards frequently. So the Cleaning and upkeep of drainage system at Rajpur Sonarpur municipality Ward no. 12 and its adjoining area including ONGC is very much essential.