Our Activities

Sonarpur PrOgatir Pathe

Special Medical Camp

Special Medical camps have been organized during the period under review and the programme was very much effective and completed successfully. These health camps aim at promoting health seeking behaviour in the long term and thus, unlike a general curative health camp, these camps also majorly work on building awareness regarding common ailments, nutrition and hygiene and sanitation.

Operation and Management of Waiting Hut for Pregnant Women

This is pre-delivery hubs near Hospitals, where pregnant women can stay for around a week before their due dates, to help reduce travel time and maternal deaths during child birth. It helps to bring relief to women for whom it is too long a distance to cover to reach health centers to enable institutional delivery of babies and whose families are often too poor to pay for hiring vehicles to bring expectant mothers. The huts are equipped to keep pregnant women for observation and total care for seven days to 10 days prior to the expected dates of delivery.

RNTCP Schemes District Tuberculosis: NTEP Sputum Transportation Schemes

The Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP), based on the internationally recommended Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) strategy, was launched in 1997 expanded across the country in a phased manner with support from World Bank and other development partners. Full nation-wide coverage was achieved in March 2006. In terms of treatment of patients, RNTCP has been recognized as the largest and the fastest expanding TB control programme in the world. RNTCP is presently being implemented throughout the country.

Under the programme, diagnosis and treatment facilities are provided free of cost to all TB patients. We are working as PPP partner and implementing various schemes at the following locations to provide services to the TB patients.

Chest X-Rays for TB Diagnosis:

With the support of Global Fund TB Project, we are running a Chest X-Ray centre for TB diagnosis. The program aim is to strengthen treatment facilities along with other interventions such as contact tracing among family members of confirmed cases.

Community Infrastructural Development Works, Micro Finance and Income Generation:

To improve forest ecosystem and conserve biodiversity by undertaking afforestation, regeneration and wildlife management activities through Joint Forest Management (JFM) approach, including institutional capacity development, thereby contributing to environmental conservation and harmonized socio-economic development of West Bengal.

  • Afforestation
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Community Development
  • Institutional Capacity Development

Our work is to assist Division Management Units (DMUs) and Field Management Units (FMUs) in creation of sustainable SHGs through selection/formation, capacity enhancement, establishing linkages with external nodal agencies, convergence with development initiatives and resource creation, etc. Another component is to ensure sustain earning of SHG members through effective micro-financing and income generation activities/microenterprises development.

Construction IHHL LOB Swachh Bharat Mission/Mission Nirmal Bangala

Under this programme Sanitation for poor households has been extended by the organization with the financial support of IHHL for clean environment and hygienic prevention for their family as well as to make understand others the need for such sanitation to be replicated. This has become effective for the households of the area as because of maintenance of clean and healthy environment at the remotest corners.

  • To eradicate the system of open defecation in India.
  • To convert the insanitary toilets into pour flush toilets.
  • To remove the system of manual scavenging.

Spectacles Distribution:

We are successfully organizing for the Camp of Eye Testing & supply of spectacles distribution at Sirkabad BPHC, Purulia District. Eye Testing & Distribution of Spectacle free of cost needy people of South & North 24 Parganas(Sunderban) & Dakshin Dinajpur, Kalighart, Kolkata

Education, Nutrition & Health Project

We are successfully organizing of Education, Nutrition & Health Project at Kalighat. We provide Coaching Class, Free Book Distribution Camp to the poor students free nutritional foods and health check up to the sex workers of the Kalighat area, and South & North 24 Parganas funding given by Krishnaa Foundation.

Agriculture and allied Programme

Our organization has been supplied of chicks fish prawn, Black Bengal Goat, Backyard Poultry & Koyel, Cow & Goat , Marine & Indigenous fish culture , Cat fish & Crab Cultivation to SC ST women community in Sundarban area.

Blood Donation Camp at Namkhana Block, South 24 Parganas & Bara Udaypur Purba Medinipur District:

The blood donation programme has been undertaken because of the importance of donate blood to the patients in need even if to save a life. The youths of the locality have come forward to organize this Blood Donation Programme effectively and to encourage the Blood donors for their benevolent donation through blood to save a life.

Skill Development Programme

We are successfully organizing a training on Bee Keeping at Hingalganj block of Sundarban ares for their earning. Mushroom Training,Two Wheeler Repairing of Youths Bauri Community. District Industries Centre Purulia..

“COVID-19”(CORONA) Relief::

The poor people, aged persons, women are the most sufferer due to coronavirus pandemic situation, particularly people of the backward areas of our country like Sundarban (Pathar, Namkhana, Sagar in South 24 PGS and Sandeshkhali-I &II, Hasnabad, Hingolganj in North 24 PGS) and Purulia district of West Bengal.

We have distributed essentials among those deprived of basic necessities in these trying times. We have donated biscuits, dry grains among the underprivileged, along with Mask to the families impacted due to the lockdown. The aim is to reach those who lost their jobs in the lockdown and have no means to afford even the basic amenities.

Super Cyclone Bulbul & Amphan Relief:

Both the Super Cyclone Bulbul & Amphan affected the lives of people of Sundarban area (Pathar Pratima, Namkhana, Sagar Blocks in South 24 PGS and Sandeshkhali-I &II, Hasnabad, Hingolganj Blocks in North 24 PGS District) of West Bengal.

In this situation as a community based organization we have helped the people in need with relief materials like dry ration, some clothes and tripol for the shelterless people. These emergency relief services immensely helped the cyclone victims.